History of Archaeology

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES a) To document the history of pre- and protohistoric archaeology, from its first establishment up to the present. b) To encourage scientific research in the field, emphasizing transversal and international perspectives, and moving beyond specific traditions, factions, and overly presentist or hagiographic approaches. RULES OF METHOD AND CODE OF ETHICS In its activities, the Commission observes and enforces the basic principles of historical scholarship, with a special commitment to avoid any political instrumentalization. HEURISTIC PRINCIPLES The Commission endeavours to develop historiographic scholarship for the benefit of reflexive archaeological perspectives. Insofar as the IUPPS seeks to reflect the scientific community as broadly as possible, the Commission will avoid the deliberate and exclusive channeling of historical research for partisan theoretical ends. COMMITMENTS The Commission commits itself to propose a specialized session at each Congress of the UISPP, and also to organise at least one relevant scientific event per year. As appropriate, these events may be set up in partnership with other scientific institutions. COMPOSITION OF THE COMMISSION The members of the Commission are experienced researchers, who approach the history of archaeology beyond strictly national boundaries, and for whom this theme constitutes one of their main research specialism.
The composition of the Commission observes a broad international representativity. Its members originate presently from sixteen different countries, on three continents.

PRESIDENT : Alessandro Guidi, Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy. alessandro.guidi@uniroma3.it SECRETARY:Laura Coltofean, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain. laura.coltofean@gmail.com; laura.coltofean@ub.edu VICE PRESIDENT: Prof. DIAZ-ANDREU Margarita, Icrea, Universitat de Barcelona, m.diaz-andreu@ub.edu



FUTURE EVENTS History of archaeology the the Melbourne (Australia) Congress of the UISPP, September 2017. The Commission is very keen to organize sessions that reflect a global approach to the history of archaeology, and the fact that the conference is in Australia provides a great opportunity to attract colleagues from all over the Asia-Pacific region, as well as from the Americas, Africa and Eastern and Western Europe which have traditionally strongly supported our conferences. At this early stage we are seeking expression of interest from colleagues who have an interest in furthering the aims and objectives of our Commission. At the last UISPP conference (2014 in Burgos, Spain) there were several important sessions related to the History of Archaeology, and we wish to improve on this. At present our goal is to attract organizers of sessions, and we have already received an expression of interest related to a session on the History of Archaeology in the Pacific, and for a session on the History of Archaeology in Australia. Nonetheless there is room for other sessions that need not necessarily be organized around geographic themes – for example around the history of theory in archaeology, the history of the archaeology of mining, the history of wetland archaeology, the history of rock art analysis or indeed the histories of major archaeological societies – to name just a few. Please include a short abstract outlining the goals of any proposed section and your estimate of the number of people who may wish to present papers. Session organizers should also be aware that the papers presented in the History of Archaeology sessions will be published. Please direct all queries related to the History of Archaeology sessions to the Commission Coordinator for Melbourne 2017, Tim Murray (T.Murray@latrobe.edu.au).

Download here the members_list.pdf