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The strategy of UISPP is to be an active scientific editor, with a new journal, two volumes per year, starting in 2018, and publications of volumes and of proceedings of inter-congress conferences of UISPP scientific commissions.

The decision has also been taken to publish the proceedings of the XVIII° UISPP congress (which are under the copyright of the congress and the authors) as a complete series of volumes, as an UISPP publication and with free open access without embargo delay.

The UISPP board and the steering committee of the XVIII° UISPP congress have discussed the question of publishing a session elsewhere than in the official proceedings of the UISPP congress. In a recent past, there was a tolerance (XVI° and XVII° UISPP congress) to give the possibility to publish elsewhere, as for example in QI or other reviews. We recognize that we have not enough anticipated the end of such a tolerance by announcing it in the website of the congress two. This has been done now to avoid any misunderstanding. However, we have decided to accept for the XVIII° congress, publications of our UISPP congress sessions, elsewhere with other publishers, thus making a compromise, under two conditions:

  1. The information concerning the XVIII° UISPP congress has to be integrated inside the volume and on the cover, as described in the joined annex

  2. An embargo delay of one year (and not two years as for example in some green open access policies). The open access will be running only on the UISPP site.

The legal reason for a one year embargo is that UISPP is a legal entity recorded in France and that a recent law of the French parliament has decided to limit the embargo delay for free open access of scientific publications to one year and that no editor may refuse such a rule. The decision has been submitted to the Executive Committee of the UISPP the 6 of June 2018 and unanimously voted, and then voted the 7 of June 2018 by the general assembly of UISPP.

The Board of the UISPP

Janusz Kozlowski, Luiz Oosterbeek, Marta Arzarello, François Djindjian The Steering committee of the XVIII° UISPP Congress François Djindjian, François Giligny, Laurent Costa, Pascal Depaepe, Katherine Gruel, Lioudmila Iakovleva, Anne-Marie Moigne, Sandrine Robert